Education and Affiliations

Dave Winston's Center for Herbal Studies


Trinity School of Natural Health

Doctor of Naturopathy

Master Herbalist

Certified Nutritional Consultant

Certified Natural Health Practictioner

Certified Natural Health Specialist

Rutgers University

Master Gardener of Essex County

Genesis Farms

Internship in Cosmology, Sustainable Agriculture and Green Living

Susan O'Brein Reiki Master

Reiki Master


American Herbalist Guild, International Alchemist Guild, The Herb Research Foundation, United Plant Savers, and

The American Botanical Council

Jim Furey is a Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Master Gardener, Nutritionist, and Reiki Master. He incorporates all of his studies in his clinical practice.  Jim Furey is trained in both Eastern & Western traditions with a traditional & scientific, clinical approach. He provides an array different holistic/natural approaches to help return/restore you to health. A teacher and clinical practitioner to many, he is also an avid gardener that promotes "green" living and sustainable practices.He has always had a deep connection with the rhythm of the planet and wishes to further reconnect people with the web of life surrounding them.  

Julia Sickler, RYT, CWI

Community Outreach Director, Website Manager

Julia Sickler is Jim Furey's twin flame and other half. She is the Executive Producer and Co-Host of the Health and Wellness Talk Show, Live Life Well, on MontclairTV34. Having navigated the ever-changed field of small business marketing for 10 years, she has worked in the music industry as well as the LGBT Travel industry. Julia conducts community workshops on health and wellness, and helps the love of her life with website and course design. Julia strongly believes that the best approach to holistic health is through community outreach and education. She is a Certified Wellness Instructor from the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the American Yoga Academy, and a graduate of Drexel University. 

Rooted in your well-being

Integrative Herbalism

Jim Furey

Owner and Clinical Practitioner